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                                  Anglers Dream  

                                                      Central Oregon is home to over 100 lakes and 450 miles                                                          of pristine rivers and streams that are all within an hour’s                                                       drive of Sunriver. The waters in Central Oregon hold                                                                 Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Bull                                                       Trout, Cutthroat Trout, native Redband Trout, Kokanee,                                                           Atlantic Salmon, Large and Smallmouth Bass, and for                                                               many months out of the year in the lower Deschutes                                                               River both Salmon and Steelhead make their return trip                                                              from the Pacific Ocean.

                                                           Sunriver is home to several experienced fly fishing                                                                     and guide shops that have the localized knowledge to                                                               provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience.                                                                The Hook Fly Shop/Cascade Guides & Outfitters,                                                                          located in The Village and the Sunriver Fly Shop,                                                                          in the Sunriver Business Park, have been assisting                                                                     fly fishers for over 30 years. In addition to offering                                                                       the best hand-tied flies for the area, they both                                                                               offer fly fishing equipment, complete guide                                                                                  services and of course, the real answer on                                                                                      where and how to catch the fish. Garrison’s                                                                               Guide Service, who features family friendly                                                                                   pontoon boats, offers guide services for                                                                                      both spin fishing and fly fishing.

                                                                          Camp Abbott Trading Company, located in the                                                                         Sunriver Business Park, carries a complete                                                                             line of fishing tackle and bait. In addition, all of                                                                             the stores can help you with fishing regulations,                                                                              fishing licenses and North West Parking                                                                                       Passes which are required at most of the                                                                                           fishing locations.        

Sunriver Anglers Club
The Sunriver Anglers Club was founded in 1977 as a way for like-minded people to protect our natural environment, conserve our resources, educate and encourage new fishermen and women, enjoy outdoor activities and of course to exchange fish stories.

The Sunriver anglers have invested the club's energy and resources to improve sport fishing in Central Oregon, support organizations working on stabilizing water flows on the Upper Deschutes and Little Deschutes rivers, remove invasive fish from our high lakes and partner with federal, state, county and other groups.

A major mission of the club is to provide opportunities for school children to acquire basic fishing skills and learn about fish habitat, water safety and the principles of stewardship.  From co-sponsering the Kokanee Karnival to hosting hundreds of kids at the free fishing day, club members are committed to education. Deschutes and Little Deschutes rivers, remove invasive fish from our high lakes and partner with federal, state, county and other groups.

Other club missions are fulfilled by members who volunteer for a number of club activities such as restoring river banks, improving fish habitats, removing Tui Chub from Oregon lakes, teaching young and beginning anglers and working with school groups.

The Sunriver Anglers Club holds monthly meetings, open to the public, on subjects such fly patterns, fly selection, winter steelhead fishing, fishing tactics and habitat restoration projects. For times and locations check the website and Facebook at The Sunriver Anglers are an inclusive and volunteer-led organization. The Sunriver Anglers Club invites full or part time area residents and visitors with an interest in fishing and conservation to join the organization at


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