Building, Remodeling & Maintaining

Your Sunriver Home

At some point, you may begin thinking about buying a home here so that you have a base from which to enjoy Sunriver at your convenience. You are not alone. Everyone who owns a home in Sunriver was a visitor first and went through much of the same, “wouldn’t it be great to have a home here?” thought process.

Sunriver has unique environmental conditions that heighten some elements of home maintenance. At 4,200 feet above sea level and located on the fringe of Oregon’s High Desert, the dry air, intense sunlight, warm summers and cold winters are tough on homes. Plan on more painting or staining in Sunriver than ever before. Use high quality paints and stains to make the job last longer.

Those wonderful hot summer days spent frolicking in the pool or on the river, followed by blissfully cool nights when everyone sleeps great, mean something entirely else to buildings. Those daily 40 plus degree temperature variations result in expansion and contraction of roofs, siding materials and decks. Use only the highest quality building materials and inspect decks and exterior staircases annually for stability. Fire-resistant roofing materials are required and help protect homes from drifting embers.

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